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Can I pay per-request?

Yes! If your use-case works better with a request based subscription instead of paying per device, we have plans for that! For details, contact us here.

Can I pay per-device?

Yes! If you are adding location to IoT devices, we can bill you per device for as low as $1 per device per year! You can also continue making requests from your servers. For details, contact us here.

Are there rate-limits?

Device plans have a Fair Usage Policy 500 requests / device / day. We rate-limit Developer Plans to 100 Geolocation requests & 10,000 Geocoding requests per day and allow customizable rate-limits on Business Plans.

How to earn credits?

If you control more than 1,000 active GPS devices or make popular Apps, you can use our API in exchange for anonymous data. To know more, contact us here.